Unlock the Magic of isoworld – Genesis Isoroom: A NFT Collection!

• Isoworld – Genesis isoroom is a collection of non-fungible tokens built on the Ethereum network.
• Since its release, the total number of owners has reached 387 with 5,246 collections sales made at an average price of 0.24 ETH.
• The market capitalization of isoworld – Genesis isoroom NFT collection is 0 ETH, and the payment tokens are ETH, WETH.


Isoworld – Genesis isoroom are a non-fungible token (NFT) collection built on the Ethereum network launched in 15 January, 2022. 3,000 items of the collection can now be viewed at OpenSea and since its release it has had 387 owners with 5,246 collections sold at an average price of 0.24 ETH (~$406.82 at the time of writing). The market capitalization for this NFT collection is 0 ETH and payment tokens accepted are ETH and WETH.

Why are some NFTs expensive?

NFTs are very new to the blockchain ecosystem and don’t have any historical data or precedence that can assist in determining their value. Established NFT projects have had more time to improve and learn from issues which has made them more valuable than newer projects entering the market who may have been created out of greed rather than adding value to creative spaces.

Is Isoworld – Genesis Isoroom Over or Underpriced?

It’s difficult to determine whether Isoworld – Genesis Isoroom NFTs are overpriced or underpriced as it will depend on how developed and promoted they become by its creators and community as well as how the overall market grows for NFTs and metaverses.


Some examples from Isoworld – Genesis Isoroom Collection include: #0001, #0002, #0003 etc.


The value of an NFT depends on many factors including how established they are in relation to other projects as well as how they develop over time within their own project space. It’s impossible to tell if something such as Isoworld – Genesis Isoroom Collection is overpriced or underpriced without taking into account all these external factors that could influence its value over time

Discover Adult Content Anonymously with Cummuniti: The Revolutionary Blockchain Platform

• Cummuniti is a blockchain-based platform for accessing adult content. It provides users with anonymity, safety, and instant payments.
• CUMINU is the official token for the platform which enables creators to monetize their content securely.
• Cummuniti’s cutting-edge features include an effective filtering system, providing users with up to 1,500 hashtags and a safe environment for creators and fans to express themselves without fear of judgment or exposure.

What is Cummuniti?

Cummuniti is a new adult content platform built on blockchain technology that offers unparalleled safety and anonymity when accessing adult content. It allows users to access images, videos, and even live streams from anywhere in the world. The platform also has an official token – CUMINU – which allows creators to monetize their content through secure payments.

Features of Cummuniti

Cummuniti boasts several unique features that make it stand out from traditional providers. Its instant payments and KYC (Know Your Customer) process offer creators quick and efficient payment services while its effective filtering system grants users access to up to 1,500 hashtags for exploring new content or discovering new creators. Moreover, this decentralized platform prioritizes user safety by providing a secure environment where both creators and fans can freely express themselves without worry of being judged or exposed.

How Does Cummuniti Work?

To demonstrate what they are capable of doing, the team behind Cummuniti created a test platform which hosted 30 streamers who managed to earn $140K in two months – showing that the team knows what they are doing! This makes sense as they have invested 8 months plus six figures into building this world class platform.

Why Does This Matter?

This blockchain-based adult entertainment platform heralds a renaissance in the industry by providing resources required by both creators/fans allowing them to communicate openly as well as allowing creators to earn profits through secure means such as CUMINU tokens..


In conclusion, Cummuniti provides users with absolute confidentiality when accessing adult content while offering an enjoyable experience with its many features such as effective filtering systems and instant payment services for creators who struggle with profit margins on other platforms.

Crypto Regulation in Australia Delayed Until 2024, Documents Show

• Internal documents from the Australian Treasury Department have revealed that the implementation of cryptocurrency legislation in Australia may be delayed until late 2024.
• The delay has caused much frustration to crypto-related businesses and consumer groups.
• Despite this, demand for cryptocurrencies has decreased significantly in Australia, giving the government more time to hash out the details of regulations.

Crypto Regulations in Australia Could Be Delayed Until Late 2024

Internal documents from the Australian Treasury Department obtained by The Australian Financial Review (AFR) indicate that cryptocurrency legislation in Australia may be delayed well past 2024. According to Cointelegraph, the documents reveal that the government wants to release consultation papers in Q2 of 2023 and will host stakeholder roundtables on crypto licensing and custody in Q3. Submissions to cabinet are not expected until later in the year.

Frustration From Crypto-Related Businesses

The delay in implementing a licensing regime has caused much frustration to crypto-related businesses and consumer groups. A brief from Australian Treasurer Jim Chalmers, as seen by AFR, says: Treasury expects some stakeholders to be disappointed with the perceived delay in implementing a licensing regime. The brief adds: For example, consumer groups seeking immediate protection and businesses seeking regulatory legitimacy.

Decreased Demand for Cryptocurrencies

Despite the frustration from industry players, Treasury argues that in the wake of the collapse of FTX, the demand for cryptocurrencies has decreased significantly, which affords it more time to hash out the details of regulations: Treasury considers these concerns are somewhat mitigated by the current market conditions resulting in less consumer demand for crypto assets; and the need to complete the token mapping exercise to provide clarity on how any new licensing framework would operate in practice.

DIY Pension Funds Face Losses

The lack of regulation in Australia has also led to some problems with do-it-yourself pension funds. A recent report by Reuters revealed that thousands of Aussies who used DIY pension funds, or superannuation funds, who bet on crypto face millions of dollars in losses.

Australians Bullish on Crypto

Despite delays around regulation implementation Australians remain bullish about cryptocurrency investments as per Annual Australian Crypto Survey for 2022 where 26% said they plan on buying cryptocurrencies over next 12 months however 44% still believe sector is not sufficiently regulated hence hesitated taking plunge into investing cryptos

Unity Joins Web3 Crypto Gaming Revolution: 13 Companies Included in Verified Program

• Unity, a world-leading 3D content creator, has included 13 top Web3 crypto gaming companies in its Verified Solutions Program (VSP).
• The crypto industry is growing quickly and Unity is well-positioned for huge growth in gaming.
• Altura provides infrastructure for Web3 and is excited to join Unity’s VSP Program.

Unity Includes 13 Top Crypto Gaming Companies

World-leading 3D content creator Unity has included 13 top Web3 crypto gaming companies in its Verified Solutions Program (VSP). These companies represent the newest and fastest-growing asset class in the world. With the talent, entrepreneurialism, and resources behind this sector, niches such as gaming, DeFi, and metaverse are likely to become increasingly popular.

Unity’s Position In The Gaming Industry

Unity is a behemoth of a company at the top of the gaming industry. It boasts 3.9 billion monthly active users and 5 billion game downloads have been made since 2021 began. The number of Unity creators increased by 31% last year with people still playing games 50% more than before the pandemic peak 18 months ago.

The Verified Solutions Program

The 13 Web3 gaming companies that Unity has chosen to enter its VSP Program are: Aikon ORE ID, Algorand, Altura, Aptos Labs, Dapper Labs, Immutable X, Infura, Metamask Nefta Quarters Solana Tezos Truffle. This program consists of an ecosystem of trusted third-party SDKs plug-ins editor applications that are closely aligned with Unity to ensure its latest releases are verified for productivity performance and usability .

Altura Provides Infrastructure For Web3

Altura was one of these chosen projects due to its platform providing everything needed to build scale and monetise Web3 gaming. Game developers can use Altura API and SDKs to build on any blockchain . Majd Hailat founder of Altura said: “We are thrilled to team up with Unity and join their Verified Solutions program” adding his company wants “to make this technology more accessible to both players and developers”


Crypto gaming is the new frontier with big potential for growth within the industry especially given platforms like Unity that are investing in it . This collaboration between these two organizations will bring considerable benefits not only in terms of decentralization but also accessibilty making it easier for players developers alike to engage with crypto games